Chatte Royal
Mick Torres plays too f***ing loud



Release Date: 08.03.2023

Chatte Royal is like the music of a film whose image we would have removed. Obsessions that result in powerful riffs accompanied by an impactful rhythm. This quartet travels through music oscillating between atmospheric and aggressive math-rock and melodic post-rock. In a completely uninhibited style and imbued with virtuosity and energy on stage.

IF you liked the early works of Lingua Nada or The Hirsch Effekt you definitely need to check it out

Chatte Royal is the main band of Diego Di Vito who also plays the guitar We Stood Like Kings.

Vinyl comes in fold out sleeve with download code and senseless isnert.
First 100 on random colored recycled vinyl.

CD comes in digi-sleeve

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Weight N/A

CD, vinyl

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