We Stood Like Kings



After the release of the CLASSICAL RE:WORKS project, on which We Stood Like Kings take
a fresh look at classical music from the Baroque to the 20th century, the band goes back to
cinema with a new live soundtrack project dedicated to the recent silent 3D animation
movie Away by the young Latvian director Gints Zilbalodis.
The AWAY 2019 project is the daring meeting between We Stood Like Kings’ music – now
refined, textural, then epic and intense: think Pink Floyd, Chopin and Mogwai all mixed-up
– and Gints Zilbalodis’ first feature film, an exceptional cinematic effort picturing the
journey of a young boy trying to get back home while being followed by a big black
monster. On this new album sounding more post-rock than ever, We Stood Like Kings
manages to render both the tense and risky atmosphere of the boy’s adventure and the
emotional ups-and-downs he goes through on this precarious journey.

Double-Vinyl, three sides pressed with a silkscreen-print on Side D.
Fold out sleeve incl. download-code and senseless insert.

CD in Digi-sleeve

And If you still don’t have it, don’t forget to grab your copy of the La Reine Seule LP, the solo-album of Judith, the pianist of WSLK.

Additional information

Weight 50 g

CD, vinyl, vinyl/CD-bundle

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