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Croatian trio Seine returns with the third album “Naizust” delving deep into his whispery yet all-absorbing take on trip-pop mysticism.
Once again almost completely changing the musical landscape they operate in. If their first was a strummy indie-punk record, and the second one anxious noise trip-hop, the third one brings much more calmer vibes. Slower, quieter, but colorful and still preserving their unique edginess. This time navigating through their version of pop, with an unique blend of electronics, whispers and synths, lyrics are what drives this record. Introspective and intimate, but most of all, conceptual — almost all of the lyrics are about language, words or speech. After the first two albums which dealt with dreams and money respectively, “Naizust” is connecting all those dots by describing the ties that bind our understanding of the world and ouselves — the most meta of them all — human language.

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