Matterhorn Well
Sketches For Francis LP



on Consouling Sounds

In the field of tension between height and depth, Imre De Cauter (on cello) and Matthias Dewilde (on Fender Rhodes) create their own universe in which, with a purified acoustic and electronic palette of sounds, they take the listener to another dimension, averse to time and space.

With the help of effect pedals and various playing techniques, Imre De Cauter (Myrddin & Imre De Cauter) and Matthias Dewilde (Nagløed) merge the acoustic and electronic sound worlds. Coincidence, improvisation and minimal compositions are the starting point for this. The end result is a breathtaking experience, where, with your eyes closed, you can transcend reality for a moment on an intense inner journey.

Between the twists and cracks of the mountain, a human, round shape has emerged, stretching into the depths. The resulting sound focuses outwards and blends with the echo of its surroundings. In this created tension between height and depth, Matterhorn Well searches for its form, which translates live into ever-changing, new improvisations.

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