Lingua Nada
Shapeshift EP 12″



Formerly unknown as Goodbye Ally Airships, LINGUA NADA is a four piece from Leipzig, Germany.
Decribed as loud, noisy, emo and complex, LINGUA NADA abuses pedals and effects to alienate
thousands of sounds to create an electric mix between garage, mathrock, shoegaze, posthardcore
and pop which somehow glues together when played at insane volume with a wild stage presence.
Imagine 90ies Indie Rock from bands like Weezer, Pavement or Built To Spill tortured with todays
Noise-Rock without losing the pop-appeal combined with nowadays math-rock à la And So I Watch
You From Afar.

This record was originally released in 2016 on Lala records but it’s already sold-out.
This is the 2nd pressing on Kapitän Platte with a bit new cover-art and urine colored vinyl.

Additional information

Weight 330 g

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