De Nuit CD



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Toucan plays a progressive & adventurous rock, filled with an amazing range of eighties references. Inspired by bands like Zombi or Maserati, their debut album entitled “De Nuit” presents six instrumental takes recorded last year by Luc Ferré (Plebeian Grandstand, Jean Jean, Sed Non Satiata…). Resulting from hours of jam, each track has its own character, and each comes as a pleasant surprise; alternating between syncopated runs (“Autopista”, “Cascade Lumière”), mid-tempo march (“Neo Soul”) or dreamy breaks (“Traum”). If there’s a lot of contrast, the band-decorum is strong enough to keep everything together. Spanning from the appearance of the saxophone, Carpenter-like bass lines or heavy guitar solo, Toucan revisits an amazing range of the eighties hooks, transforming kitch into a rainbow of nostalgia.
The CD edition countains five bonus remixed tracks (by MAJEURE, EXTREME PRECAUTIONS, ETC.).

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