Tomorrow We Sail
The Shadows LP

Tomorrow We Sail
The Shadows LP



on Gizeh Records

The Shadows is the new album from Leeds-based six-piece Tomorrow We Sail. Building on their debut release For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight (Gizeh, 2014) over the course of three years, this new work combines perfectly the soaring atmospherics, gorgeously intertwined vocal harmonies and dramatic shifts in tone and dynamics that have come to characterise Tomorrow We Sail’s sound. Yet, there is a new sense of urgency here. Very much an album of its time, The Shadows draws upon the same sense of connection to both past and present that defined its precursor but features storytelling that’s even more defiant and deeply personal.

Again they manage to deliver a splendid mix of loud, quiet and expansive music that is difficult to describe if we want to tag it with a precise music genre. It’s so rare to find nowadays such a perfect blend of post rock, modern classical, folk elements and orchestral strings.

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The Shadows LP”