Apolo LP



on Shove Records

Shibuya has always wanted to reflect a mix of feelings based on screamo/post-hardcore influences. And on their second album, Apolo shows that even with the disappointments there is this emphasis to fight for the best of each one, and perhaps, to find your place once again.

Apolo moves between light and darkness and how we learn to face the most difficult moments of life with the sole purpose of being able to enjoy it. For that we must face against the adversity, fight the enemies and obstacles that come our way, feel the support of our allies and loved ones, praise the immensity of beasts and nature, admire the beauty of every moment, enjoy our memories, the music… These are advantages and gifts that are given to us and that help us live a another day to continue fighting for all of this.

Screamo/Emotive Post Hardcore from Valencia in Spain. If you’re into Daitro, Øjne or early Viva Belgrado you’ll love this.

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