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on Araki Records

Since 2018, GREGORY DUBY, guitar (K-BRANDING, JESUS IS MY SON, SOLAH) and DAVID.C, drums (VITAS GUERULAITIS, TAT2NOISACT) have been started their own cult (which is translated by ‘secte’ in french).

They’ve been in the noise scene for years and are based in cosmopolitan Brussels. They imagine oriental dunes on which DICK DALE would flirt with MUNIR BASHIR, ramble in a desert with a Turkish priesthood fed by THE DOORS, or the invocation of an ancient icon from Vilvoorde with a Syrian slide.

SECTE offers melodies from here and abroad, mixed with their own arrangements, as if a Cairo radio station were constantly spitting out its hits from the other side of the ring road. The duo nonchalantly oscillates between the influences of 75 DOLLAR BILL and POPOL VUH.

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