Quartz Locked
Wave 91,6 LP + flexi 7″



First album of Quartz Locked, Wave 91,6 is inspired and based on some moments, sensitive and sublime, consisting of archives, sounds and recordings. All this original sound material is broadcasted since more of one decade on Radio Mulot. This first record is a possible one and essential record. Vinyl (33t) with a one sided flexi record (Quartz Locked vs Köhn) and a postcard, a photography of Julien Mérieau titled Gold of the gone world….
Financed via a crowdfunding campaign, there are six tracks presented – a total of just over 43 minutes of recordings – unraveled in a sensitive sound bricolage in which the iterated patterns are interposed by musical elements of improvisation and poetry. These are pure sound inventions that spring from an approach to composition reminiscent of intermedia. Quartz Locked, combining many expressive forms, mixes a Köhn track whose title is literally “opinions are like assholes, the Internet is full of them”. More noise and extremist episodes crammed with metal and glitch, Dadaism and citationist aesthetics. This track is presented in a white flexi disc attached to vinyl. The idea of a hypothetical experimental radio program allows for an enormous compositional freedom. It enables creative impulses that might sound very psychedelic, but it encourages cohesion of free form sequences and jazz, hypnotic drones and declamatory passages, melodies and spatial effects. The metamorphic inspiration is continuous and there are electroacoustic enchantments, moments of sound poetry, plunderphonics and mash-ups, flows of sounds that are difficult to classify and evocative atmospheres, as well as casual conversations, phone calls, various field recordings, suggestions of sounds from faulty cassette players and corrupted hard discs. Experimental “radio drama” is not a genre for everyone, but at Warm they have a passion for this enterprise and, so too, they manage to involve the listeners in their enthusiasm.

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