Prune Deer
Insufficient Postage 12″



on Specific Recordings

Meet Prune Deer, an instrumental band from Hong-Kong that is currently at the forefront of the evergrowing Asian music scene. Formed in 2013 by Kwan Shing (drums), Jerry Sham (bass), Nature Hin and SF Tang (guitars), Prune Deer is playing its very own brand of « post rock meets math rock ». Never too far from the Japanese scene influences (reminding Lite or Toe, at times), the band never hesitates to go its own way, adding some aesthetic abstract influences such as ambient soundscapes and field recording clips.

While mostly short and mostly instrumental, Prune Deer’s songs also offers a couple of famous female voices to its forward-thinking and rich ideas. Therefore, on Insufficient Postage (it’s very first international release), you’re treated to none other than Ashlet Tang and Haru Nemuri featurings.

Emotional and heartfelt, this brand new release heavily influenced by Hong-Kong current political context will make you cry in awe and see beauty in life like you’ve never seen it before.

Prune Deer’s very first release outside Hong-Kong on a limited white one-sided 180gr LP

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Weight 330 g