Noir Reva
Continuance LP



on Midsummer Records

Second album of german post-rock band Noir Reva from 2020.

Although several nuances will never achieve the status of complete perfection, these nuances must be continued. This path into the status of imperfect perfection is continued in the second record „Continuance“ of Noir Reva. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and this journey can be defined through every human being. Music helps to never lose sight of the goal and thus provides the guide for a story, of which the end has to be reinvented again and again. Those who are longing for the perfect story, will always continue searching for the perfect ending. Nevertheless, Noir Reva can’t tell you the perfect ending for your story, but in their ongoing history, these 4 musicians from Koblenz, Germany, let the music speak for itself and create the soundtrack for the big and small stories of the everyday life.

colored vinyl

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Weight 330 g