Batteri 2xLP

Batteri 2xLP



Batteri is the 4th album from Hamburg based Nihiling. It is an album that reveals two contrasting sides of the band, just like the electrical poles of a battery: The first four tracks offer an intriguing combination of post-rock and indie-pop songs, with guitar sounds remniscent of bands like The XX and Foals and the songwriting of EF and Immanu El.
The other four songs are more straight post-rock oriented, long instrumentals but offering a lot of rhythm. Influences range from Explosions In The Sky to This Will Destroy You, like on the song Idiot. Both album parts combined create an integral whole that is Batteri – Nihiling’s most refined album to date.

The double-vinyl comes in a gatefold-sleeve incl. download-code. It’s limited to 300 copies.

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