Gabriel Hibert
Abducté LP

Gabriel Hibert
Abducté LP



Gabriel Hibert is a french composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer born in Toulouse, France.

He played in several weird rock bands from 2004 to 2011, then he decided to focus on his own solo project.

His music consists in playing simultaneously drums, a sampling pad and his voice used as an instrument by treating it with effects. This sounds like contemporary, ambient or cinematic music with some noise, industrial, experimental rock elements.

After having self produced the two first albums he has just released his third record, Abducté on vinyl in coproduction with several DIY labels.

Abducté contains 9 explosive titles mysteriously built in a style of unknown origin. The artistic journey of this uncommon musician today results, through his new disc, in the development of an innovative language which may be characterized by a lively, liberated and creative “post-rock” music.

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Abducté LP”