Pre-Order Husten / Hoodies / Shirts /Bags & Monophona sale

Pre-Order Husten / Hoodies / Shirts /Bags & Monophona sale

Happy Easter folks,
it’s already a nice tradition to start the pre-order for the ne Husten EP during this weekend.
So here it comes.

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Teil 5 und 5 und 6 – Release 24.05.2019

The brand new EP from Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Moses Schneider & der Dünne Mann with 5 new songs.

As ususal the record comes in a fold-out sleeve, one side pressed with a silkscreen-print on side B.
First 200 orders will get the print in a different color.

And if you are interested in discovering new music please have a look on our Husten / Monophona bundle incl. the new Husten EP and the latest Monophona LP for a special price.
Monophona from Luxembourg presents finest Trip-Hop in the vein of Björk, Portishead and Tricky.

During the Husten pre-order we reduced the price from 16 to 10 Euros. If you take the Husten/Monophona bundle it’s even 2 Euros cheaper.

Pre-order hoodies, shirts and bags

We thought it’s time to offer our hoodie, shirt and tote bag with the classic Kapitän Platte logo once again.
We will collect orders until May, 12 to see how much we need to print.
For the first time we will also offer shirts and bags in a second design.

Due to the political situation in the world we thought it’s time to set a statement for what Kapitän Platte stands for.
So we invented the slogan


We hope this is a statement you might also spread to the world.