Ahoi, we are happy to announce to new Kapitän Platte releases and the release of US-band Glacier we will distribute exclusively in Europe.

USA 1982 – 2LP/2CD/digital
(Release: 22.09.17)
The Brussels-based post-rock band We Stood Like Kings announces the release of a new film music project entitled USA 1982, intended as an alternative soundtrack for the American cult movie Koyaanisqatsi directed by Godfrey Reggio.
After BERLIN 1927 and USSR 1926, this third opus USA 1982 – the band’s most ambitious project to this day, a musical reinterpretation of a movie famous for its original score by Philip Glass – embodies the musical maturity of the band which since 2012 has devoted itself to the accompaniment of masterworks of silent cinema.
In 2017, despite celebrating its 35th birthday, Koyaanisqatsi remains profoundly modern. The relationship between humanity, nature and technology illustrated by Godfrey Reggio, Ron Fricke and co. in the movie finds itself at the heart of the challenges of today’s society.

At the crossroads between Chopin, Pink Floyd and Explosions In The Sky, We Stood Like plays instrumental progressive rock tinted with neoclassical influences thanks to the central presence of the piano.

The record will be released as double-vinyl, double-CD and digital. The first 100 copies of the vinyl will be on colored vinyl.

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Girls On Bikes Boys Who Sing LP/CD/digital
(Release 20.10.2017)
On October, 20th Luxemburg-based Trip-Hop trio Monophona will release it’s third album
Girls On Bikes Boys Who Sing, the follow up to the acclaimed 2015 album Black on Black.
The new songs are a logical follow-up to Monophona’s own trade mark of compositions: a
mixture of Trip-Hop and Indietronic that is on one hand electronic and dark as well as
intimate and warm.Reminiscences to Tricky and Portishead are valid and the beautiful
voice of Claudine builds a connection to the likes like Björk or Fever Ray.
The main difference with the two other albums is that this one is more political:
“With everything that happened in the world these last two years, it seemed impossible to
write only about personal matters and shut out world events. When we were young, we
didn’t think that the world in the 21rst century would be like this – we thought it might be
freer, more tolerant. Unfortunately while more and more people have access to individual
freedom, many still have to fight for the most basic human rights, like to ride a bike if they
want to, to sing about whatever is on their mind… This explains why this album is a little
angrier than its predecessors.”

Vinyl comes in a fold-out-sleeve incl. download-code. First 100 copies on colored vinyl.
We have also some of the limited versions of Monophona’s first LP The Spy incl. the screen-print on side D left. Same with the colored version of the Folsom Prison Blues 7”.
And for all who are interested in Chooks muscial background we have some copies of his drum and bass solo 12″ EP’s.
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Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet…. LP
This is actually not a Kapitän Platte release, but Glacier from Boston, Massachusetts askes us to help with the distribution for the new album.
And so this record is available exclusively in Europe via us.

The album contains two verly long post-rock tracks with lot’s of inspiration from doom and post-metal.
If Neurosis would be more into post-rock they might sound like this.

The record will be released mid of september.
It will come in a fold-out sleeve incl. download-code.

Check it out here.