From Another Mother & Orsak:Oslo

Special offer: Lingua Nada -Shapeshift

Ahoi out there,
it’s time for the first per-order in 2019.
And it will start with the first release of an Croatian band on Kapitän Platte, FROM ANOTHER  MOTHER from Zagreb. Also we are very happy to continue our long tradition with bands from Gothenburg, even if one guy from ORSAK:OSLO comes from Norway.

You will find the new releases and of course like usual special bundle offers here.

ATATOA LP / CD (Release day: 22.03.2019)

From Another Mother is a three-headed indie / math-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia.
The song arrangements are characterized by multi-rhythmic grooves, sudden breakdowns, active dynamics, all covered with melodic guitar and vocals, influenced by the indie rock of Biffy Clyro, the math structures of The Dillinger Escape Plan and the energy of And So I Watch You From Afar.

The band was a suggestion from the guys from Lingua Nada and that fits perfectly.

The vinyl is limited to 300 copies, first 100 orders will get it on pink vinyl.

s/t LP / CD (Release day: 29.03.2019)

Orsak:Oslo from Gothenburg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway is a dark slow brew containing of psych, dystopian post-rock and trippy space blues.
With their monolithic and melancholic instrumental pieces, this is music for the active listener.
O:O is a marriage between impulsive improv and thoughtful composition, later melodies and new harmonies are carefully woven in, layer by layer.
With a reverence and underlying devotion to the aura and musical preconditions laid down from the start, the result is raw, unpolished and true.

Orsak:Oslo is the next part in our tradition of psychedelic post-rock music. So, if you were into Sonson, Halma or Action & Tension & Space you need to give it a try.

The vinyl comes in a fold-out cover and is limited to 300 copies, first 100 orders will get it on colored vinyl.

And we have also the first 12″ EP from  Orsak:Oslo available.

Cheapo of the month
Lingua Nada – Shapeshift 12″

Lingua Nada suggested us From Another Mother. Reason enough for us to give away the debut EP from our Leipzig based indie/math-rock heroes for a totally bargain during this pre-order periiod

So don’t forget to add it to your order.

And of course we added a lot of new stuff to our distro, mostly in very limited quantity but it’s always worth to have look into our “new entries” section.

Item of the month:

The Hirsch Effekt / Zinnschauer split LP

Just 6.-€ during January 2019


Pre-Order for Action & Tension & Space and Caudal has started.


Lingua Nada and We Stood Like Kings will both hit the road again on second half of 2018.

Check the dates below: