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”Grave”, ”machine” and ”excavator” – Gravmaskin is a play on the Swedish translations for these three words, and when listening to the trio’s instrumental rock its moniker makes perfect sense. The music paints a picture of a ”grave machine” – a mechanical entity fueled by driving beats and haunting melodies, digging tombs in the airy forest, next to a roaring motorway. Something cold and mechanical married to nature and her cycles of life and death. Because at first glance, Gravmaskin’s music might pull instant associations to classic Italian horror soundscapes and dreamy German psychedelia (the band cite Goblin, NEU! and Tangerine Dream as three of their main influences, alongside smoke, freeways and the Swedish nature reserve Hågadalen). But when looking further, descending over it is a funeral mist of something undeniably Scandinavian – that soul stripping melancholia present in Bathory and Bo Hansson alike – and a raw, jangly punk execution giving it groove, nerve and a speed-paced pulse.

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