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deathrowradio, who many of you will know as d_rradio, have a brand new album out and it’s an interesting listen.

Previously the band created slow, ambient soundscapes which tended to focus more on the subtleties of the music rather than creating a great force. This time round, they’ve come from a completely different direction and it works to staggering effect.

It’s a strange mix of ambience, post rock guitars and repetitive drumming. The three elements, among others, feel like a massive step away from their past lives but also feel like a move in the right direction. I’ve listened to it a number of times now and I feel more drawn with each play. While before it was the gentle drones that sucked you into their world, this record focuses heavily on repetition, submersing you in an entirely different way. All seven tracks will eventually make you feel separate from the world around you, allowing you to completely zone in on the various other intricacies the music has to offer.

All seven tracks tend to have the same overall feel but each one also feels like a world of it’s own. Tracks such as ‘A Little Less’ start out sounding like they’ll develop into an alt rock cliche, but soon manage to brush off that implication when they completely change direction. While the riffs are simple, they’re used to great effect. They feel like a base line, a starting point, a guide that all of the other subtle nuances latch onto throughout the journey. It just shows that while sometimes a change in music direction can be a terrible thing, do it right and it’s going to sound.

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