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Just when the plaudits were coming in for the self-titled debut album, South Shields trio d_rradio (“dee-arr-radio”) have leaped forward and stunned listeners with parts, their biggest release yet! d_rradio thrive on beautiful organic melodies and digital soundscapes, sounding like an absurd mix of the most joyous moments in your favourite late-night records and yet sound simultaneously like nothing else.

On parts, expect earthly and serene elements, stark atmospheric drones from a primeval forest of crackle and hum; golden hues of evening; passages of ambient sparseness sprinkled with deft hints of the orchestral. . . and all the while the hiss of a hundred tired, well-loved 78s remains a constant thread, a tangible hook stirring nostalgia while simultaneously breaking new ground. This is not IDM; this music thinks, feels and oozes with humanity.

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