Mon tout petit LP



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Math-Rock from France

Ça [It], are three boys not hip, glued to trucks’ seats or wooden instruments, who, after two first introductive EP [24615, 378], go one step further in their complicated and electric research, one step, even two feet, considering the disc’s fifty minutes, which we’ll in fact be able to qualify as an album, or odyssey, odyssey of a language, always [almost] without language, if we don’t consider [but can we not?] this long tirade-title, binding the seven tracks in one, ripping every single word out over the course of the explorations to finally self-complete, during the journey, sometimes rocky, cramped, sometimes aerial, fairy; sometimes silky, or abrasive; but, also and above all, a bit of all that at once, because it is clear that Ça don’t settle for mild implementation of mathematics to flatter the ego of technician-musician, Ça compose and sublimate them to make spring of the spirit, which, certainly, won’t suit all ears, but will be dedicated to bewitch the others. While not being as serious as It.

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