Pre-order Monophona and 20% discount

Ahoi out there, while Monophona is working on the third album we will shorten the wait with two new releases. Release date will be October 21st, pre-order is up now. And we will celebrate these releases with a record release party on October, 29 .

Winter sale: 20% discount in December

Finally the vinyl of Halma’s album “Granular” has arrived. All pre-orders have been shipped and we have to say thanks for your patience.
We still have a handful of the colored vinyl left!

And we need to clear some space in the office for forthcoming releases so fill your Christmas sacks with the offers we have for you whilst we are in such a generous mood!
Means, you will get 20% discount on every order you will place in our shop until December, 31st 2015.
Only the latest three releases of Halma, Kristofer Aström and We Stood Like Kings are not included.

You will be asked for the coupon on the top of the checkout formular. The coupon code is 20less.