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EF announced summer festival dates


If you still don’t know what to do during summer, check out EF’s tour dates for July and August:

22.07. Boomtown Festival – Ghent – Belgium
26.07. Food for your senses Festival – Tutange – Luxembourg
05.08. A38 – Budapest – Hungary
08.08. ARTmania Festival – Sibiu – Romania
10.08. Ieper Hardcore Festival – Ieper – Belgium
27.08. The Good Ship – London – United Kingdom
28.08. Sanctuary – Basingstoke – United Kingdom
28.08. Arctangent Festival – Bristol – United Kingdom

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SONSON / SORK – European tour

Out swedish buddies from Sonson and Sork will hit the road together in about two weeks.
These are the dates:

17 MAY SE – MALMÖ @ Kontrapunkt Malmö
18 MAY DE – DUISBURG Djäzz Jazzkeller Duisburg
19 MAY BE – LOUVAIN LA NEUVE @ Corps et logis

20 MAY BE – ?
21 MAY DE – BIELEFELD @ Jz Falkendom
KB18 kødboderne

As you can see, the 20th is still valid, cause the gig in Brussel was cancelled.
So if you have any idea, where they could play instead or you would like to invite them for a private gig, feel free to contact us.
By the way, we have still some copies of the colored vinyl versions of SORK’s “Horseflies flies” and SONSON’s “A shine below the mound” in our shop left.
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EF – Tourdates


EF will hit the road again to promote their latest album Ceremonies:

19.04. DE – Köln – Underground
20.04. BE – Zottegem – Dunk! Festival
21.04. CH- Zürich – Alte Kaserne
22.04. DE – München – Strom
23.04. DE – Frankfurt – Nachtleben
24.04. DE – Bielefeld – Forum

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Update: Vorverkauf We Stood Like Kings im Offkino


Damit hätten wir auch nicht gerechnet, aber eine Woche vor dem Konzert sind alle Tickets im Vorverkauf über den virtuellen Ladentisch gegangen.

Allerdings halten wir für ganz kurz Entschlossene noch jeweils 5 Karten für die Abendkasse zurück.

Hier heißt es , wer zuerst kommt…..

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Pre-Order We Stood Like Kings, Sonson, Sork Vinyl and CD


As usual, before we start with the pre-order details, here is the winner of our never ending contest

It’s Alexander Reuter. Congratulation, you will get one of the new vinyls for free.

And of course, you will get the chance to be a winner, too, if you send us a picture with at least one of our records.

But now the details for the triple-pre order:

First for all of you, who still prefer buying CD’s, we’ll have a CD version for all three releases this time.

1. WE STOOD LIKE KINGS – Berlin 1927 2LP & CD (Kutter 021 / Release date: Mid of february)

Debut – Album of Belgium based trio,

that has written a soundtrack for the silent movie “Berlin – Symphonie einer Großstadt” by Walter Ruttmann.

Musically it’s instrumental post-rock in the vein of Explosions in the sky and EF and due to the piano with moments of classical music.

Double-LP in special fold-out cover with sticked in photos.

Limited edition of 300, first 100 with different photo on the front cover and different color of the letters.

CD comes in  digi-pack

2. SONSON – A shine below the mound LP & CD (Kutter 022 / Release date: Mid of march)

6 new tracks, 40 minutes full of Krautrock und Psychedelic.

Still instrumental, but no Postrock at all, it’s just grooving.

Vinyl is limited to 500 copies, fist 100 colored, incl. download code.

CD comes in digi-pack

3. SORK – Horseflies flies LP & CD (KUTTER 023 / Release Date: Mid of March)

Once again from Sweden, once again from Gothenburg but with a totally different sound.

Just drums, bass and keyboards.

Call it Art-Punk in the vein of The EX and Le Tigre.

Vinyl is limited to 500 copies, fist 100 colored, incl. download code.

CD comes in digi-pack

Prices for the vinyl:

We Stood Like Kings 20.-

Sonson 13.-

Sork 13.-

Vinyl bundle with all three releases: 40.-

Prices for the CD’s:

each for 12.-

all three together for 30.-

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SONSON: First song of the new album


The new Sonson LP “A shine below the mound” will be available in March 2014.

The first song is already available on the brand new Cargo-Digital-Compiliation “2014: The Best is yet to come!” that you can purchase here.

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SORK: First single of the new album


We are very proud that SORK from Gothenburg, Sweden is the newest member of the Kapitän Platte family.

We will release the new album in March on LP and CD.

Here’s “Kick on your borders”, the first single

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WE STOOD LIKE KINGS: first album teaser


Out in February 2014, pre-order starts in January.

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Christmas Sale !!!

We need to clear some space in the office for forthcoming releases so fill your Christmas sacks with the offers we have for you whilst we are in such a generous mood!
Means, you will get 15% discount on every order you will place in our shop until December, 23rd 2013
Our shop system won’t show you the discount, but we have a pocket calculator and will send you the correct amount.
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New Band, new contest, new shirts, new bags….


1. New Band on Board

We are happy to announce that we have a new crew member on board.

WE STOOD LIKE KINGS is an instrumental-rock trio from Belgium.
They have written an original soundtrack for Walter Ruttmann’s 1927 silent movie “Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt”.

Together with our friends from Dunk! Records we will release this beautiful peace of music on vinyl and CD in February 2014 followed by a three week tour in March.


Watch the demo versions for Act 1 & 2 via the link below.


2. Christmas contest

When we produce records, we never get the exact amount of copies. Sometimes we get less but sometimes more.

So we want to give away three overstock copies of the limited editions of the following releases

- EF – Ceremonies (yes, the wooden box edition incl. special silk-screen cover, T-Shirt, CD and much more)

- Instrument – Olympus mons (on blue vinyl)

- Immanu El – In passage (first pressing on white vinyl)

So what to do, to become a winner?

The Kapitän Platte crew loves christmas and we love christmas cards and of course we love it analogue.

So send us a REAL christmas card to the following adress:

Kapitän Platte
Finkenstr. 84
33609 Bielefeld

Every card that we receive until christmas will be part of the lottery.

3. Shop update

Some things have sold very fast, so here is a short list of items that might be sold oout next week:

The Hirsch Effekt – Holon:hiberno (only three copies left)

Immanu El – In passage – first pressing on black vinyl (only 4 left)

Sonson – same – pre-order edition with silk-screen-print on b-side (2 left)

Lockerbie – Tote bag (just have one)

EF – Tote bag (only two left)

Kapitän Platte Hoodie (two left, one in M, one in L)

But we have of course some new stuff.

Records from Lehnen (Revolverman Records) and a lot vinyl from Pelagic Records (Kruger, Khoma, Lo!, Zatokrev, Khoma, Zatokrev)

And a lot new stuff in our merch section. Brand new Kapitän Platte Shirts, Tote Bags and Tank Tops, Kapitän Platte Christmas Cards and overstocks of the Wooden Box and silk-screen cover we made for the limited edition of EF’s Ceremonies